If we really want to get rid of suffering, completely and totally, then clinging has to go. The spiritual path is never one of achievement; it is always one of letting go. The more we let go, the more there is empty and open space for us to see reality. Because what we let go of is no longer there, there is the possibility of just moving without clinging to the results of the movement. As long as we cling to the results of what we do, as long as we cling to the results of what we think, we are bound, we are hemmed in. Meditating on No-Self: A Dhamma Talk (Edited for Bodhi Leaves), by Sister Khema(1994)

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Just Keep Trying?

Sunday, early morning, decided to go for 10km instead of the 12km that I had been trying to do with this return from the injury.  The run was fine, but there is still tightness and after run tightness.  There is no change in the actual running style but I can feel it constantly and it is a real problem mentally for me.  I really want to get back to just running and doing my thing, but that is merely craving. 

I hope I'll be able to run tomorrow at the moment I am icing things and just trying to stay positive about everything.  It is possible I'll run even shorter tomorrow.  I think I just have to accept that this will take some time before I can do the type of running I was doing before this happened.  Its also possible that I have to force myself to run very slowly.  This is another thing I didn't do today.  I tried several times but the pace kept creeping up everytime it did I slowed it down, but it still ended up quicker than I wanted it to be.

I'll just keep trying then.

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