If we really want to get rid of suffering, completely and totally, then clinging has to go. The spiritual path is never one of achievement; it is always one of letting go. The more we let go, the more there is empty and open space for us to see reality. Because what we let go of is no longer there, there is the possibility of just moving without clinging to the results of the movement. As long as we cling to the results of what we do, as long as we cling to the results of what we think, we are bound, we are hemmed in. Meditating on No-Self: A Dhamma Talk (Edited for Bodhi Leaves), by Sister Khema(1994)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

three runs 24 hours

A nice 15k today around 5:00 p.m.  making it 3 runs in 24 hours or 40km in 24 hours.  If I were to run tomorrow at 8 or 9 that would be 55 km in about 36 hours, in the evening another 10km that would be 65 k in 48 hours. 

Wow, nothing like getting way ahead of yourself.

Dead legs, but running easy and light and just moving along.  But certainly not quick that is for sure.We had a very hard rain here today, it turned that tree really green, I'll get a picture of it up tomorrow I hope.

I've cut out the massive daily infusion of coffee and only had 1/2 a cup today.  I've switched to green tea for the time being.  How could 2 billion Chinese people be wrong?

Today is done.  Return, try not to crave, stay in the moment?  Now is the best teacher?

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