If we really want to get rid of suffering, completely and totally, then clinging has to go. The spiritual path is never one of achievement; it is always one of letting go. The more we let go, the more there is empty and open space for us to see reality. Because what we let go of is no longer there, there is the possibility of just moving without clinging to the results of the movement. As long as we cling to the results of what we do, as long as we cling to the results of what we think, we are bound, we are hemmed in. Meditating on No-Self: A Dhamma Talk (Edited for Bodhi Leaves), by Sister Khema(1994)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Unsuccessful, again

Woke to snow that had been falling all night.  About -1 C.  Early in the day.  I wanted to start early in hopes of not having too much traffic to worry about.  That part of the plan worked out fine.

The snow is still falling as I write this hours later.  The run was slow and deliberate, very slow, very deliberate.  The roads were slippery, the sidewalks were four inches deep in snow, in some places I came to dead stop just to navigate my way around areas that were a combination of ice/water/snow/mud/oil/etc.

My blood sugar at the start of the run was 142, nice I thought.  I packed a BS meter, three GUs mobile phone, keys, test strips and 20 UAH (Ukrainian money) to buy water in an intention to go the 35km today.

Unsuccessful.  Not because of desire but because of safety.  I couldn't run the sidewalks, and the streets were tough also and the traffic was starting to get a little crazy.  The first 15km was slower than I have run in years, just because of the footing, safety and keeping balanced.

I hope to do the 7 x 15km again this week and go from there.  I do have a little perseverance regarding the long run.  I take solace in the fact that I have this last week and hopefully this week of good base but I need to get back on track with the long run.  I hope next week I can come up with something a little more useful.

Perhaps I need just was one route for the distance?  The two loops lets me see the house, I've never liked that very much and always been a one loop guy.  My brother once did a 20 miler and past his house four times, I don't think I could do that.

Still snowing, not even pretty anymore.

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