If we really want to get rid of suffering, completely and totally, then clinging has to go. The spiritual path is never one of achievement; it is always one of letting go. The more we let go, the more there is empty and open space for us to see reality. Because what we let go of is no longer there, there is the possibility of just moving without clinging to the results of the movement. As long as we cling to the results of what we do, as long as we cling to the results of what we think, we are bound, we are hemmed in. Meditating on No-Self: A Dhamma Talk (Edited for Bodhi Leaves), by Sister Khema(1994)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Treadmill - ugh

Super cold today.  -10 C at mid afternoon and instead of dancing/skating on ice I went for the treadmill.  Let me just say I do not like my treadmill; I have tremendous mental block against my treadmill; I think it is not a very good treadmill; I think all kinds of things about my Ukrainian treadmill.  However, it is an absolute necessity if I want to run most of the time.  In fact I will have to use it a lot over the next 45-60 days.

Today was 15k on the treadmill and as usual it was extremely slow.  In the past I have listened to music, put a towel over the time/distance indicator and just tried to work on my posture and my foot work.  Today I tried something different.  I watched a movie. 

"Everything is Illuminated" is a movie directed by Lieb Schreiber based on a book written by the main character of the movie, Jonathan Safron-Foer.  I just finished reading the book so I wanted to watch the movie again anyway.  I have now seen the movie 4 times.  It was more interesting for me than the last two since I had just finished the book.  I now believe the book is more interesting.  But if you just watch the movie it too is quite good.  The story centers around a New Yorker who goes to Ukraine to find the village where his grandfather was born and moved away from during WWII.  It really is a good story, watch it if you get the chance.

Anyway, the movie itself is about 96 minutes.  The run itself was rough again, not ragged but mentally rough and I was pleased that I forgot about the time many times because I had a movie to watch.  I didn't run very quickly but that might be a good thing because I feel tired and at the same time pleased that I've done 5 15k's in a row now. 

I still don't like that treadmill.

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